We are The Athletic Network, a 360 degree sports agency at the forefront of the evolution in athlete representation. 

Founded by Director Akin Caulker in 2016, the company has brokered deals for tier 1 athletes and teams in the football, rugby, track and field worlds, whilst bridging the gap between Europe and the U.S. markets along the way.

“ I had a vision of what I thought the sports agency world should be, and it wasn’t this Wild West that I had to navigate my way through at the start. My focus from the get go was ok there are some real talents here who’s stories aren’t being told, and who’s dreams aren’t being realised - how do I become that guy who delivers what he promises and does so in a way that the world has never seen before. The product of that thought process is The Athletic Network, and we’re just getting started” 

With offices in London & Paris we don’t just represent the best athletes in the world, we represent their past, present and futures, and by giving them access to elite brands, training facilities and events world wide - create a physical, mental and commercial platform on which they can go from strength to strength without ever looking back.

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